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Tongliao Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Tongliao Company) was founded on 23rd Oct 2009; registered address is Industrial Zone Park, Mulitu Town, Tongliao City.

As key investment-invitation enterprise in Tongliao, through the broad cooperation with local government and based on positive coordination and connection works with upstream suppliers, natural gas supplying project has been completed and started in October 2011, supplying amount in the first two years is estimated as 130 million cubic meters; and this number will be increased year by year, till the end of 2015, annual supplying amount will reach to 450 million cubic meters. The completion of the project will certainly play an active role in aspects of completing the construction of infrastructure facilities, improving people’s living standard and develop local economy in Tongliao area.

In 2012, Tongliao Company will continuously expand the natural gas supplying scope, and start the gas opening project in Siping City, Jilin Province, 200km direct supplying pipeline will be constructed, to improve the environment protection and optimize the energy structure in that area, provide the majority of users a natural gas-based urban environmental protection gas system.