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Cois Management (China) Co., Ltd was funded by Cois International Company, it was established on 12th Oct 2007 which have been licensed by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, i.e. BAIC; with registered address at Suite 1201, 80 Anli Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

With advantages in terms of rapid process of urbanization, sustainable economic growth and continuous improvement of national disposable income, thanks to the resource superiority of natural gas from Petro China, SINOPEC and other large-scale domestic and overseas energy companies, this Beijing-based company is strived to become a large energy enterprise with strong market competitiveness.

The company is sticking to the corporate aims of “Gas supplying in safe, environmental enhancement, dedicated to livelihood and serving the society”. By far, several subsidiaries has been set up in Shanghai, Tongliao in Inner Mongolia, Taizhou in Jiangsu, Weihai and Zaozhuang in Shandong, Hanshou in Hunan, Maoming in Guangdong, Ningxia and Gansu etc. Over 800km pipeline is running by Cois, which supplying natural gas for more than 200, 000 residents and numerous industrial and commercial users with annual gas supply capacity more than 900 million cubic meters, the company also invested and operated 8 gas stations distributed in major cities. As a natural gas management company, Cois China conducted overall management of 10 investment holding companies in China, including finance management, construction and operation, and personnel management, etc.

The company has formed an operation management pattern with rational overall structure and supporting systematical operation service. Construction and operation of the natural gas projects in our company has brought huge convenience to the majority of users, played a positive role in opening the natural gas sector and development of civil gas market, laying a leading position in China’s natural gas industry and provides powerful reinforcement for the company’s continuous development.